Get the Real  TRUTH about the Human Hair Industry


Alix Moore


Business Woman, Author, International Educator, Visionary

“This is the Best  I have ever seen.”

“WIt’s inspiring to become a member of the New Hair Movement.  I decided to purchase the Founding Investors Business Package.  I did this because I wanted to start my own Virgin Hair distribution company in a big way.  But I wanted to partner with an honest company, whom I don’t have to worry  about spending thousands of dollars, only to receive ” hit or miss” hair.  Now that I’m a member, I can purchase hair in large bulk order and at deep discounts. The NHM gave me permission to white label the hair and sell it using my own company name.  They allow you to do this when you purchase any of the business packs.  I feel you guys should advertise this more on your website.  It is a very attractive membership feature.   It takes hard work to start your own distribution company.  But I’m doing really well now and I’m so excited.  It feels good to know The NHM family is here to support me with my business questions.  One more thing…the weekly secret conference calls are awesome.  I love getting on these calls to learn updates and receive my weekly training.  This has helped me expand my network and my business a great deal.” – R. Simpson, Baltimore Maryland Business Woman

We joined over a month ago and our business is starting to pick up a whole lot. We’ve even had to hire an assistant to handle all of the responses we’ve been receiving. We did this to help free up some time, because we also need to focus on other aspects of our business. The weekly secret meetings are organized and on point. We get down to serious business on those calls. People say unity is a thing of the past. But they obviously don’t know about us and our close knit family at The New Hair Movement. We are sooo loving all of the fun we’re having. We get to meet new people, help others and make money. We love you guys!
S. Crosby, Chicago Illinois, Entreprenuer
I recently purchased the Glorious Business Package and have received my bundles in the mail. All I can say is Wow! The hair made me think of silk when I ran my fingers through it. When I wash my hair it just gets better and better each time. Now that I’ve joined The New Hair Movement, I’m learning a lot more about real Virgin Human Remy Indian Hair. I thought the hair I used to buy from other companies was un-processed Virgin Human Remy. Well, at least that’s what was written on the package so I believed it. Now that I’m with the New Hair Movement, I’ve learned the difference between Righteous Virgin Remy and the so called Virgin Remy sold in the stores or by the Chinese factories.
K.T. Atlanta Georgia, Entreprenuer